Latest News - April 2004

THE SLUTS IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE SLUTS:. Dennis Cooper's previously announced forthcoming novel 'The Sluts' will not see the light of day after all. Instead, his next book will be a collection of short fiction, which will retain the title 'The Sluts.' The tentative table of contents for the collection goes like this:

1. God Jr. (previously unpublished)
2. The Crowd Pleaser (previously unpublished)
3. A.D.
4. One Night in 1979
5. The Remedial Logician (previously unpublished)
6. 6 Emails, 7 Faxes (a retitled, expanded, and greatly revised version of the story 'The Finish Line' first published in the anthology 'Full Frontal Fiction')
7. Jerk
8. The Sluts (previously unpublished)

MAGAZINE / WEBSITE WATCH: The current issue of The Believer features an appreciative essay on Cooper's work by Canadian critic and author Jason McBride Cooper interviews filmmaker John Waters in the current issue of Bomb Magazine Four new poems by Cooper are featured in the online poetry magazine An interview with Cooper and more new poems are included in the new issue of the Brooklyn-based zine The Falcon.

NEW ON DVD: 'Luster,' an independent feature film by Director Everett Lewis (A Natural History of Parking Lots, Skin and Bone, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts) features a number of Cooper's poems. The critically acclaimed film is now out on DVD from TLA Releasing.

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY: Benjamin Weissman's 'Headless,' the recently released second book from Cooper's publishing imprint LHotB, continues to get rave reviews and sell very well. Meanwhile, the first LHotB book, Travis Jeppesen's 'Victims,' will be published in Russia in early 2005. Forthcoming later this year from LHotB are Derek McCormack's 'Grab Bag' (July) and Martha Kinney's 'The Fall of Heartless Horse' (November). For up to the minute LHotB news, visit

CLASSIC REPRINT: Early this summer the University of Wisconsin Press will reissue Dodie Bellamy's great, out of print novel 'The Letters of Mina Harker' with a new introduction written by Cooper. (

HOLLAND: Dennis Cooper is the subject of a documentary to be broadcast on the Dutch television channel VPRO on Sunday night, April 4th. The program will be re-aired at least once during the month of April (check your local listings), and will available for viewing this month at

UK: On August 5th, Serpents Tail will be reissuing Dennis Cooper's books Try and Wrong under its Five Star Series imprint with new covers and re-mastered layout The next issue of Gay Times magazine will feature a long interview with Cooper.

FRANCE: Cooper is a featured guest on the popular French television program 'Campus' (April 3, France2, 11 pm). The program is slated for rebroadcast. Consult your local listings The next issue of the respected film magazine Trafic features an essay by Cooper on the work of the late French filmmaker Robert Bresson.

Latest News - March 2004

The legendary British band Wire will be collaborating with Dennis Cooper on a project this coming May. Cooper will be writing the text/lyrics and Wire will create corresponding music. Whether the results will be a live performance, a CD, or both is yet to be determined. Further details will be forthcoming.

FRANCE: March sees the release of three books by Dennis Cooper. They are the novel Period, the poetry collection Dream Police, and a short, previously unpublished autobiographical work entitled Violence, Faits Divers, Litterature (Violence, News Item, Literature). All three come from Cooper's long time French publisher POL. Also, the theater piece (see: earlier news item) that Cooper is currently writing in collaboration with French director/choreographer Giselle Vienne and Austrian composer/musician Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) is scheduled to have its world premiere in Lyon this coming October. The premiere will be followed by a national tour, dates and locations to be announced.

ITALY: Dennis Cooper's novel Period will be released this spring by Cooper's Italian publisher Marco Troppea. Forthcoming in late 2004 or early 2005 is the Italian translation of Cooper's nonfiction collection All Ears, which will be released by the publishing house Playground.

CHINA: Cooper's novel Frisk has just been released by the Beijing-based publishing house Xieng Xiao. According to reports, it has already caused quite a scandal, including a denouncement of the book by the Chinese government..

The Ash Gray Proclamation (see: earlier news item), the CD/book project which will include a new novella by Cooper and a CD of songs and musical works inspired by Cooper's books, is nearing completion and will see the light of day later this year. The confirmed list of artists and musicians contributing songs to the CD include: Male Sluts (Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke), Richard Hell, Xiu Xiu, Victor Krummacher (Camper Van Beethoven), Stephen Prina, Robert Pollard, Feller Quentin, Pig Destroyer, New Wet Kojak, Ian Clarke (Perspects, Le Car), Kennedy, Eddie Ruscha (Future Pigeon, Radar Bros), Jeremy Gloff, Peter Rehberg (Pita), Jeremy Gloff, and others..

Benjamin Weissman's Headless, the second book from Dennis Cooper's publishing imprint Little House on the Bowery/Akashic Press is just out and receiving rave reviews. Weissman and Cooper will be doing readings to promote the book this March. Follow the Little House on the Bowery link on this site for further information on these events. Books forthcoming from LHotB are Derek McCormack's Grab Bag (summer, 2004) and Martha Kinney's The Fall of Heartless Horse (winter, 2004).

Latest News - Feb 2004

The film rights to 'My Loose Thread' have been optioned by the Los Angeles based independent film production company, Ah-Ha Productions.

FRANCE: 'Defaits' (aka 'My Loose Thread') was published in October '03 by Dennis Cooper's French publisher POL. Cooper will be in France in late January for an artist-in-residence gig at Villa Gillet in Lyon.

SWEDEN: 'Closer' has just been published by Vertigo Press.

GERMANY / AUSTRIA: 'Punkt' (aka 'Period') was recently published by Passagen Verlag. Cooper's novel has also been adapted into a radio play by director Thomas Wolfertz. The play will be broadcast on the German radio station WDR3 early 2004. Check the station's listings for more info.

HOLLAND: The Dutch literary / arts / culture magazine 'Passionate' features Dennis Cooper on the cover of its current issue. The issue includes an interview with Cooper, an article on his work, a chapter from 'My Loose Thread' and many photographs.

SPAIN: 'Guide' (Spanish title TK) will be published by Acuarela Editions this winter. 'My Loose Thread' (Spanish title TK) will be published by Anagramma in the fall of 2004.

ITALY: 'Period' (Italian title TK) will be published by Marco Troppea in early 2004.

'Enter At Your Own Risk: The Dangerous Art Of Dennis Cooper' will be published by LDV Press in 2004. Edited by Leora Lev, this collection of writings on DC's work includes essays by Willian Burroughs, Michael Cunningham, Avital Ronell, Elizabeth Young, John Waters, Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian, James Annesley, Earl Jackson Jr, Matthew Stadler, Robert Gluck, Brandon Stosuy, Lawrence Brose and Leora Lev.

The most exciting Dennis Cooper project on the horizon has to be 'The Ash Gray Proclamation'. Co-produced by Substandard Records and Versus Press and scheduled for release sometime 2004, 'TAGP' will include a new novella by Cooper and a CD featuring songs inspired by Cooper's books. Featuring new music by: Stephen Malkmus, Thurston Moore, Robert Pollard, John Zorn, M. Ward, Papa M, Xiu Xiu, Stephen Prina, Richard Hell, Eddie Ruscha and many others to be announced.

Dennis Cooper is putting the finishing touches on two new books! The first is a new collection of recent poems and the second is his new novel 'The Sluts'. Watch this space for updates.

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