THE SLUTS IS ON SALE NOW: DC’s latest, lengthiest (300+ pages!), and wildest ever novel is now on sale at the Void Books website (www.void-books.com). As previously reported, there are only 550 signed and numbered copies of the book, and you can only buy them through the Void site. The book will be shipped to buyers in early January, and you early birds who order the book now will be rewarded with free shipping (within the United States, that is). The site also features a new, exclusive interview with DC. DC will be doing two (so far) promotional events for ‘The Sluts.’ One is the official launch, reading, book signing, and reception in New York, and the second is a reading and book signing in Los Angeles. Here’s the scoop:

The Sluts’: Official Launch Event

January 13th, 7:30 pm
The Accompanied Library
at National Arts Club
15 Grammercy Park South 6c
New York City
Tel: 212-979-5313

Dennis Cooper and Wayne Koestenbaum
Launch Event for DC’s ‘The Sluts’ and WK’s ‘Moira Orfei’
February 12th, 7:30 pm
Skylight Books
1818 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our special ‘Sluts’ section. It’ll be yours before December is history.


DC TRIVIA CONTEST: WE HAVE A … TIE!?!: Thanks for the flood of entries in our Dennis Cooper Trivia Contest. They came in from all over the world, even from some countries where DC’s books haven’t been translated yet! Some of the questions were pretty difficult, as some of you were unafraid to tell us, but there was only one question that nobody answered correctly (#6), so we don’t think we were too hard on you.

So here’s something we didn’t anticipate: we have a tie, and not just any tie. It’s a four way tie! Problem is, there’s only one grand prize available. We wracked our brains about what to do, and we’ve decided to have a run off between the four winners. Here’s how it’s going to work. Below, we’re posting a short follow-up Trivia Contest. The four winners are the only people who can officially enter this contest, although the rest of you are free to answer the questions for kicks. The four run off candidates should send their entries to contact@denniscooper.net by January 5th. As soon all four entries are in, we will determine the true winner and notify all four candidates whether they won or not via email. Then we will publicly announce the winner in the January news. You got all that?

So we’re going to announce the four run off candidates, followed by the names of the top ten runners up. Runners up don’t win anything, sorry, but these ten non-winners came close enough that we think they deserve some kind of recognition as particularly knowledgeable fans. Many entrants didn’t provide us with their names. In those cases, we will identify you by the name on your email address (but not the domain part, don’t worry). But before we announce our near-winners and worthy also rans, here are the correct answers to the trivia questions. (Scroll down to last month’s news to see the questions themselves):

  1. Answer: Robert Bresson. Bonus answer: ‘The Devil, Probably’ (Le Diable Problement).
  2. Answer: ‘Wrong’ (the Serpents Tail, UK edition, to be technical about it). Bonus answer: Christian Bale’s foot.
  3. Answer: We thought the answer was a definite no. We thought we knew it all. But one eagle-eyed contest entrant pointed out the following passage from ‘Frisk,’ which we must admit could qualify as cannibalism. So we accepted both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as correct answers. Here’s part of the passage: ‘I’m pretty sure if I tore some guy open I’d know him as well as anyone could, because I’d have what he consists of right in my hands, mouth whatever …. I guess in a perfect world I’d eat and drink all that stuff and not just get nauseous.’
  4. Answer: Richard Nixon.
  5. Answer: (c) rimming.
  6. Answer: ‘Evol’. Bonus answer: ‘Nurse’.
  7. Answers: (Closer, for Richard): boyfriend; (Frisk, for Mark Ewert): boyfriend; (Try, for Casey): friend; (Guide, for Joel Westendorf): friend; (Period, for Vincent Fecteau): friend.
  8. Answer: 1987. Bonus answer: 1957.
  9. Answers: (Since everyone got this question right, and we’re lazy, let’s move on.)
  10. Answer: Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam.
  11. Answer: Shaun Cassidy
  12. Answer: Leonardo Di Caprio. Bonus answer: Bob Mould

And now we’re happy to announce that the run off candidates for the special, goodies-packed, personally inscribed copy of ‘The Sluts’ are ….

Lon (location unknown)

Gareth Pitkin (New South Wales, Australia)

Ryan Scanlan (Brooklyn, USA)

Garret Scullin (Los Angeles, USA)

Here are the ten closest runners up:

FelixR (Dortmund, Germany)

James Mansfield (Staffordshire, UK)

Crazy Face (Osaka, Japan)

Aaron Nielsen (Castro Valley, USA)

Kjell Bielke (Malmo, Sweden)

Michael Miller (location unknown)

J-Y Pichot (Paris, France)

Joseph Marcure (Fresno, USA)

Emmanuel Caron (Paris, France)

Aya Tsuji (Tokyo, Japan)

Finally, here are the five DC trivia questions for our four runners up. Remember, the final deadline is January 5th. Good luck, quartet.

  1. Name as many books as you can that have blurbs by DC on the front or back cover. You can list any published book, in print or out-of-print.
  2. Here’s a ‘slutty’ one. When DC was a younger, wilder, and not yet famous, he had sex with a member of a well-known (at that time) rock band. Who was it? Choose from the following five people. (Bonus question: Which of these five wanted to have sex with DC, but DC turned him down?)
  3. (Unless you have ESP, you won’t find the correct answer

    to these questions anywhere. May we suggest you either

    make a wild guess or search for pictures of these five faded

    stars then use what you know of DC’s taste in guys from his

    novels to make an educated guess?)
    (a.) Dave Davies of The Kinks

    (b) Matthew Ashman of Bow Wow Wow

    (c) Richard Butler of Psychedelic Furs

    (d) Robin Guthrie of Magazine

    (e) Nicholas Throp of Curiosity Killed the Cat

    (Note to everyone: Before you get too excited, the answer to

    these questions will not be announced publicly, seeing as how

    DC said he would kill us of we did. If you want to know, you’ll

    have to ask DC, not that he’ll tell you either.)

  4. When one of DC’s novels was first published in the US, there was a mishap at the bindery, and one chapter of DC’s novel was accidentally bound into a popular children’s book. The DC-polluted children’s book was distributed to bookstores. Luckily, an employee quickly discovered the problem and the children’s books were recalled before more than a handful of copies were sold. Still, the mishap made the news. Which of DC’s novels was the culprit?
  5. One of the following bands has never mentioned DC as one of their favorite writers, in any public forum at least. Which one?
    1. Manic Street Preachers
    2. Placebo
    3. Blur
    4. Radiohead
    5. Camper Van Beethoven
  6. Finally, in case of a tie, tell us in 50 words or less why you deserve to win. We don’t know you guys from Adam or Eve, and vice versa, so we’ll be objective, and you won’t know how to melt our hearts. Sounds fair to us. This answer will only count in case of a tie.



International: ‘I Apologize: The Official Soundtrack’ (winter ’05)

USA: ‘The Sluts’ (January ‘05), ‘Dennis’ (spring ‘05), Richard

Hell, Godlike’ (LHotB/Akashic, July ‘05); ‘God Jr.’ (August

‘05), ‘Enter at Your Own Risk: The Dangerous Art of Dennis

Cooper,’ edited by Leora Lev (fall ‘05), Trinie Dalton, ‘Wide Eyed’

(LHotB/Akashic, early ’06).

UK/Australia: ‘God Jr.’ (winter ‘05/’06).

France: ‘The Sluts’ (fall ’05), ‘God Jr.’ (spring ’06)

Spain: ‘Guide’ (spring ’05), ‘God Jr.’ (spring ’06).

Catalan: ‘My Loose Thread’ (spring ’05)

Italy: ‘All Ears’ (November ’04), ‘Period’ (spring ’05), ‘God Jr.’ (fall

or winter ’05), ‘The Sluts’ (fall ’06).

Sweden: ‘’Frisk’ (fall ’05)

Denmark: ‘My Loose Thread’ (fall ’05).

Russia: Travis Jeppesen, ‘Victims’ (fall ’05): Benjamin Weissman,

‘Headless’ (winter ’06).

China: ‘Try’ (’06)

Japan: ‘God Jr.’ (fall ’05)

There are also deals in the works for several other countries, and we expect to announce other international release dates next month.


LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY NEWS: Martha Kinney’s ‘The Fall of Heartless Horse,’ LHotB’s latest instant classic, continues to blow open minds and slay the intelligent. Read its latest rave review in the current issue of Bookforum (www.bookforum.com). Also, TFOHH was the best selling independent press book in San Francisco for the month of November, and it has just been nominated for the 2004 Pushcart Prize. ….. Benjamin Weissman (‘Headless’) has a long, kooky, lavishly illustrated article on Los Angeles art in the current ‘visual’ issue of The Believer (www.believermag.com). ….. LHotB’s mysterious, youngest author Travis Jeppesen (‘Victims’) stars in ‘Neo-Gothic’ artist Sue De Beer’s widely acclaimed and exhibited video art work ‘Hans Und Grete.’ Also, Jeppesen has been named Editor-in-Chief of the Prague Literary Review (www.shakes.cz/plr/), Europe’s leading English language literary magazine. You can read his brilliant rock criticism (in English) at the German music website Dorfdisco (www.dorfdisco.de). ….. LHotB’s beloved Canadian genius Derek McCormack (‘Grab Bag’) has an appreciation of the Christmas corsage in the current issue of The Look (www.elmstreet.ca/html/thelook/). It’s an excerpt from his crazily anticipated nonfiction book on the history of Christmas shopping, due out in late ’05. ….. Sneak some peeks at the wonderful mind and writing of future LHotB author Trinie Dalton (‘Wide Eyed, early ’06). Read her interview with Jennifer Herrema of the band Royal Trux here. Read a short story by her here . Read her interview with ‘acid folk’ songster Devendra Barnhart in the current issue of Arthur Magazine, now on newsstands.


IN BRIEF: DC’s top ten music of 2004 list is in the current issue of Artforum. See it here. Artforum’s January issue will feature a review by DC of ‘In the Realms of the Unreal,’ Jessica Yu’s forthcoming documentary film on the American ‘outsider artist’ Henry Darger ….. DC’s friend and fellow ‘transgressive’ novelist Bruce Benderson has won France’s prestigious Prix de Flore prize for his latest novel, ‘The Romanian.’ This is the first time a non-French author has won this prize. Congratulations, Mr. Benderson …. DC weighs in on the work and fame of his one time protégé J.T. Leroy in an imminent issue of the French rock and culture magazine Technikart (www.technikart.com). ….. DC and poet/novelist Eileen Myles recently reminisced on tape about their days in New York’s East Village. Their conversation will be part of Brandon Stusoy’s as-yet-untitled book on the history of Downtown New York counterculture, forthcoming from NYU Press.





Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Scooop!!! 10: Heritage of Hardcore (Coat Kuratatsu DVD)

Darcey Steinke MILK (Bloomsbury Press)

James Schuyler JUST THE THING (Turtle Point Press)

THE BELIEVER ‘The Visual Issue’

The Eunuch Archive,

the universe … the library,

Slater Bradley, ‘The Doppelganger Trilogy’ (Blum & Poe Gallery, LA)

Excepter KA (Fusetron Records)

Echo and the Bunnymen (HEAVEN UP HERE, PORCUPINE)

Iron and Wine WOMAN KING (Sub Pop)

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