Latest News - July 2004

BREAKING NEWS: 'THE SLUTS: Dennis Cooper's notorious, XXX-rated novel will see the light of day after all. Void Books (, a new Brooklyn-based publisher specializing in artfully designed, limited run books will release 'The Sluts' this coming December (tentative date). There will be one printing of 1000 copies. Needless to say, the book is destined to sell out very quickly. Readers of this website will be the first to learn when and how copies of 'The Sluts' can be purchased. Watch our news for future updates. For those of you who don't know, 'The Sluts'is a novel DC began in 1994 and finished in 2003. While it's not part of his famous 'George Miles Cycle', it dates from that phase of his work, and DC has described it as "a kind of back sheep cousin" of the cycle.

DENNIS (formerly known as THE ASH GRAY PROCLAMATION): Substandard Records and Versus Press have confirmed the following (tentative) track list for the CD portion of their forthcoming Dennis Cooper multimedia book/CD project. The title of this project has been changed to 'Dennis.' 'The Ash Gray Proclamation' remains the title of DC's novella within the package. Thurston Moore's contribution to the project is currently in limbo due to contractual problems with SY's label Geffen Records, and may or may not appear in final line up. DENNIS is scheduled for release sometime this fall. The release date will be posted in our news column as soon as it is firm.

1. PERSPECTS 'Elevator in the Brain Hotel'
2. KENNEDY 'God is a Black Woman'
3. ROBERT POLLARD 'The Ash Gray Proclamation'
4. RICHARD HELL 'Untitled (for D. Cooper)'
5. FELLER QUENTIN 'The Life of a Camel, WWIII'
6. JEREMY GLOFF 'At This Time (Gay Men are Worthless to Me)'
7. XIU XIU 'Fabulous Muscles (Mama Black Widow Version)'
8. STEPHEN MALKMUS 'Cherry Area'
9. PIG DESTROYER '˜Crippled Horses'
10. NEW WET KOJAK '˜Demons'
11. VICTOR KRUMMENACHER 'I've Always Loved a Party'
12. FDS 'Tough Love'
13. EDDIE RUSCHA 'Window Song'
14. STEPHEN PRINA 'Hand in Glove'
15. PITA/DENNIS COOPER 'vers.2.1'

I APOLOGIZE: Dennis Cooper's collaborative theater project with French director/ choreographer Gisele Vienne and Austrian composer Peter Rehberg will have its world premiere on September 28, 2004 at Les Subsistances in Lyon, France. I Apologize' (as the theater work has now been titled) has also been selected for the prestigious Festival d'Avignon (, which is roughly the theater world's equivalent of the Cannes Film Festival. An American tour is in the works, tentatively for the spring of 2005, with Houston, New York, and Los Angeles the most likely stops. A soundtrack album will be released on Mego Records sometime later this year.

DENNIS COOPER RETURNS TO GROVE PRESS: Cooper's new novel-in-progress, tentatively titled 'God Jr.' will mark his return to longtime US publisher Grove Press. Cooper reports that he is about halfway through writing the novel, which he describes as his first PG-13 rated work.

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY NEWS: Derek McCormack's 'Grab Bag', the third book in the series of books Cooper is editing and publishing through Akashic Press, is now in stores. McCormack will be do doing readings and book signings to promote the book on the East Coast (September) and West Coast (October). Visit the LHotB wing of the Akashic Books website ( for the dates of these events. There's also an interview with McCormack and a sample chapter from 'Grab Bag'. Next up from Cooper's LHotB is Martha Kinney's 'The Fall of Heartless Horse' (November). Read an excerpt from Kinney's book on the Akashic website. Forthcoming LHotB titles include legendary musician/writer Richard Hell's novel 'Godlike' and a collection of short stories by the young Los Angeles writer Trinie Dalton, entitled 'Wide Eyed.' Both are due to hit stores in early 2005.

MAGAZINE WATCH: The September issue of Nest Magazine ( will include a chapter from DC's novel-in-progress 'God Jr.' The Believer's feature article on DC's work, originally scheduled to appear last spring, will appear in the forthcoming August issue ( DC has an essay on the new documentary film Dig!, which chronicles the rivalry between Portland bands Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, in the September issue of Artforum Magazine. The next issue of the contemporary art magazine Flash Art will feature a conversation about rock music and sculpture between DC, sculptor Evan Holloway, and writer/musician Lee Vining. A chapter of DC's novel 'The Sluts' appears in the latest volume of the annual literary/art anthology Frozen Tears. The summer issue of online literary magazine Suspect Thoughts ( is guest-edited by writer Dodie Bellamy and features an interview with DC and selection of new poems. Harmless Devon, a lively new website manned by male escort and writer Devon, includes interviews with DC, porn star Caesar, porn director Blue Blake, and many others (

THEE TIGHT LUNG SPILT ROAR HUMS: That's the title of a multi-author collection of poetry just out from Slow Toe Press ( The book features chunks of new poetry by DC, Thurston Moore, Byron Coley, Alan Licht, Don Cauble, and Matthew Wascovitch.

SWEDEN: 'Narmare' (aka Closer) is now in stores courtesy of Stockholm-based publisher Vertigo Books ( DC has given a slew of interviews to Swedish magazines, newspapers, and radio, so fans in the region should keep your eyes and ears open. Frisk (Swedish title tk) will be published by Vertigo in 2005.

JAPAN: After being out of print for a couple of years, DC's Frisk has just been reissued with a spunky new jacket and fresh interior design. ( A reprint is also scheduled within the next six months for the similarly o.o.p. Try. DC's other novels remain available in Japan in their original editions.

FRANCE: There's a long interview with DC in the current issue of the literary journal Les Lettres Francaises. In the new issue of rock and style magazine Technikart (, DC is interviewed about the legacy of Morrissey and The Smiths. DC's 'Violence, News Item, Literature' (POL, 2004), a short autobiographical book published only in France, can be purchased worldwide through The book is a bilingual edition containing DC's text in both English and French.

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