TICK, TICK, TICK…: According to Void Books, DC's 'The Sluts' will be available for pre-order from their website beginning the first week of December. The price has yet to be determined, but we're told it will be under fifty dollars. As previously mentioned, there will only be five hundred of these babies, all signed and numbered by DC and artist Todd James. Needless to say, we strongly advise you to get your order in early, so start checking the Void website as soon as December rolls around. DC will be in New York City for the official launch, and there will be a reading, party, and exhibition of Todd James' art from the book at the gallery John Connelly Presents. The event is tentatively set to occur in mid-December, and all the details will be announced first on the Void site.

The previously announced new section of our website dedicated to 'The Sluts; will launch in the next few weeks. It'll have a gallery of images DC used to create the novel, a ton of links, art and designs from the book (including preliminary sketches), a new interview with DC, and more. Eyes peeled, everyone.

Lastly, in celebration of the publication of 'The Sluts,' your favorite website (this one, duh) announces a DC trivia contest. The person who correctly answers the largest number of the following questions will win the grand prize. (If you only know a few answers, don't be afraid to enter the contest. You could win. And don't hesitate to guess.) In case of a tie, the finalists' names will be put in a hat and the winner will be drawn at random. The winner will receive a special copy of 'The Sluts,' personally autographed to you by DC and including some one-of-a-kind 'Sluts'-related goodies - a page from DC's original manuscript, one of the images DC used as inspiration in writing the novel, and a couple of other rare, 'slutty' items chosen from DC's personal collection. The contest is open to any DC fan in the world, and the winner will be announced in the December News column of this site. The deadline for entries is December 12th, and they should be sent by email to Include along with your answers your mailing address. The winner will receive his or her prize by the end of the year, and possibly in time for Xmas. Got all of that? Okay, here are your questions. By the way, all the answers to these questions can be found either on this site, by checking the links on this site, in DC's books, or with a little detective work on your part. Good luck to you all.

(1) What is the name of DC's favorite filmmaker of all time? (Bonus points: Name DC's favorite film)

(2) In the independent film 'The Machinist,' directed by Brad Anderson, starring DC's pal, the actor Christian Bale, and either currently or soon-to-be in release in a country near you, one of DC's books makes a brief appearance in one scene. What is the title of this DC book? (Bonus points: In the film, something is resting on the book. What is it?)

(3) In 'The George Miles Cycle,' DC writes about almost of every 'perversity' known to man, but there are a few he missed. The question is, Did DC write about cannibalism in the cycle?' Yes or no. (Bonus points: if the answer is yes (and we're not saying it is), name the sentence or passage where cannibalism is mentioned.)

(4) DC's father was a close friend with one of the Presidents of the United States. Which one?

(5) One of the following erotic acts appears more often in DC's books than any of the others. Which one? Is it (a) fellatio, (b) anal intercourse, (c) rimming, (d) fisting, (e) necrophilia, or (f) French kissing.

(6) DC's novel 'Try' originally had a different title until Grove Press made him change it. What was the original title? (Bonus points: DC's novel 'Guide" also had its original title rejected by Grove Press. What was its original title?)

(7) Each of the five novels in 'The George Miles Cycle' is dedicated to someone DC knows or knew at the time. Some were boyfriends of DC and some are friends. Which are which? Choose the word friend or boyfriend for each dedicatee. To jog your memory, the dedicatees are as follows: (Closer) 'for Richard', (Frisk) 'for Mark Ewert', (Try) 'for Casey, (Guide) 'for Joel Westendorf,' (Period) 'for Vincent Fecteau.'

(8) In what year did the real George Miles die? (Bonus points: In what year was he born?)

(9) Each of the five novels in 'The George Miles Cycle; mentions at least one band or musical artist. Name one band or musical artist mentioned in each novel.

(10) DC has lived in three major cities in his life. Name them.

(11) In the new anthology 'Thrills, Pills, Chills, and Heartache' (Alyson Press), edited by Michelle Tea and Clint Catalyst, DC's contribution is a short memoir of his Glam rock days in Los Angeles. DC's co-star in the memoir is a thinly disguised 70s celebrity. Decipher the identity of this celebrity.

(12) What well known actor was interested in starring in the movie version of DC's 'Frisk' until he found out DC wasn't writing the script? (Bonus points: What well known rock musician had agreed to write the score for the 'Frisk' movie but pulled out when he saw a rough cut?)


GOD JR.'S BIRTHDATE: DC's eighth novel 'God Jr.' has now been given an official publication date by Grove Press. It will hit US stores in August 2005. In France, the novel will be published by POL in early 2006. Other foreign publication dates are currently being worked out and will be announced here in the near future.


GERMANY: Next month will see the launch of a new rock music magazine in Germany. The magazine is called Closer, named (you guessed it) in tribute to DC's novel and Joy Division's album of the same name. The inaugural issue will include among its reportedly ultra-stylish and hip contents an interview with DC.


LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY NEWS: Martha Kinney's great 'The Fall of Heartless House,' the fourth book in DC's groundbreaking series, was just published and is now available in stores and from all the usual online booksellers. The current issue of Rain Taxi Magazine contains a rave review of the book by respected and best selling author Rick Moody. An excerpt from 'tFoHH' appears in the next issue of American Poetry Review along with new work by Kinney. …. Benjamin Weissman's wildly acclaimed and popular LHotB book 'Headless' has just been acquired by the edgy Russian publisher U-Factory and will appear in the former Soviet Republic in the fall of next year. Weissman's official website will he launching soon, and we'll pass along the address when we have it. In the meantime, check out his take on the LA art scene in the next issue of The Believer…. Canadian cult superstar Derek McCormack's 'Grab Bag' is wowing Americans as we speak. Read new McCormack fiction and an interview with him here. …. The fifth book in DC's series will be legendary punk rock pioneer, poet, and writer Richard Hell's novel 'Godlike.' It will be published in spring 2006 and Hell will be doing a national reading and book signing tour to promote the book.


WHERE'S THE STORE? We've gotten a lot of emails from you guys asking when the site's store is going to launch. Well, it's been a little more complicated to put together than we'd thought, but it will be up and running by early next year. We're sorry for the delay. But to whet your appetite, we can tell you that the store will feature both a slew of affordable goodies and some extremely rare, one-of-a-kind items geared for DC fans with deep pockets. We're talking things that you can't get anywhere else, and that includes eBay. How about signed copies of DC's first two, impossible to find chapbooks 'The Terror of Earrings' (original 1973 edition: 300) and 'Antoine Monnier' (original 1978 edition: 100)? We'll have one copy of each for sale, so start saving up now.


IN BRIEF: DC's annual 'top ten music of the year' list will appear in the December issue of Artforum Magazine. …. The December issue of UK culture glossy Another Magazine features handwritten 'confessions' by a number of groovy, well known celebs, including DC. …. The release of 'Dennis,' the CD/book project featuring a new novella by DC and songs inspired by DC's novels, has been delayed due to a change of distributors. It should be a short delay, and we'll have the new release date next month. …. You Italians out there remember that 'Tutt'orecchi' (the Italian edition of DC's 'All Ears') is out now from Playground Editions, in stores, and ready for you. …. DC is one of the subjects of a new documentary feature film about prominent contemporary poets. The film is directed by Eric Ellena and produced by Paris-based French Connection Films. The as-yet-untitled film is being shot this winter.


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