VOTERS NEEDED (AGAIN): In this month’s mini-poll, voters can shape the very future of this website. We have a handful of new add-ons in mind but we can’t do them all. So we need your help in choosing the best. We’re asking you to pick your favorite among () new candidates. The winner will be added to the site very soon after the completion of voting. (Unless you pick the store, which will take us longer.) The non-chosen items may or may not stroll onto the site as time goes on. Here are the choices before you in more detail than the mini-poll format will allow

  1. a message board – This would be a place for you guys to meet, talk about DC’s work, LHotB books, yourselves, or whatever you want (within reason). We would chime in with comments or answers to your questions when appropriate. But don’t vote for this unless you’re sure you’ll use it at least occasionally. There’s nothing more depressing than a message board like a ghost town, and if you’ve seen the mostly comatose yahoo discussion group about DC, you know what we’re talking about.
  2. a blog written by DC – Obviously, DC would write whatever he wants whenever he wants, diary style. (We really had to schmooze him to agree to this, but he says if it wins the poll, he’ll do it.)
  3. more contests with special prizes – You seemed to like the trivia contest (well, except for its difficult questions, sorry), so we thought we’d ask. We’ve got a bunch of ideas and potential prizes in mind.
  4. a guest book – You’d make comments, ask us questions, thank us, bash us, and so on. You know the drill. Basically, if you like the message board idea but aren’t sure you’d post very much or ever, you might pick this.
  5. the store we’ve been promising you a store stocked with DC and DC-related goodies for ages. Truth is, the logistics are pretty difficult. For instance, the website is based in Australia (if you didn’t know) and most of the goodies aren’t. We’re still planning to launch a store eventually, but if you’re really anxious for it, here’s your chance to give us a kick in the ass.
  6. all of the above – You want it all, if possible, but you don’t care what feature launches first.
  7. none of the above – Self-explanatory.

Now, here are the final results of last month’s poll. It was quite a horse race. The top four vote getting books were neck and neck all month, but your favorite DC book was in the lead from day one and never lost it.

  1. GUIDE (18% of votes)
  2. (tie) MY LOOSE THREAD (17%), PERIOD (17%)
  3. TRY (16%)
  4. CLOSER (12%)
  5. FRISK (7%)
  6. THE SLUTS (6%)


COUNTDOWN TO THE DC WINDFALL: The second half of 2005 is going to be an extended Xmas for DC fans, not to mention for every literate person out there who has any brains. Prove it? Between July and November, you will be able to feast your eyes (and, in some cases, ears) on two new novels by DC, a star-studded book of essays on DC’s work, two theater pieces written by DC, a soundtrack album to one of those theater pieces, two new Little House on the Bowery titles, and a big festival/conference on DC’s work. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • DC’s eighth novel GOD JR. (Grove Press)
  • Richard Hell’s GODLIKE (Little House on the Bowery/Akashic Books)
  • Festival d’ Avignon, France, July 17-21: ‘I Apologize’
  • Festival d’ Avignon, July 17-21: ‘A Young, Beautiful Blond Girl’
  • DC/Peter Rehbnerg ‘I Apologize: The Soundtrack Album’ (mego)

  • Cork, Ireland: a literary festival devoted to DC’s work (dates tba)

  • DC’s seventh novel THE SLUTS (paperback, Carroll & Graf)

  • Leora Lev, editor ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: THE DANGEROUS ART OF DENNIS COOPER (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press)

  • Trinie Dalton’s WIDE EYED (Little House on the Bowery)

    And that’s not even counting the international book releases coming this fall. At the moment, they are as follows: (France) GOD JR.; (Italy) GOD JR.; (Denmark) MY LOOSE THREAD; (Spain) GUIDE; (Sweden) FRISK.


    WHERE THE HELL IS ‘DENNIS’?!?: Do you believe in curses? We don’t, but our rationale is being sorely tested. Most of you know at least a little about ‘Dennis’ (formerly known as ‘the Ash Gray Proclamation’), the CD/book project featuring songs inspired by DC’s work by a wealth of contemporary music makers plus a new DC penned novella. Originally slated for release last summer by Versus Press/Substandard Records, ‘Dennis’ has been imminent for what feels like an eternity. First Substandard Records went belly up last fall. At the time, we were assured that things were still on track, but now we’re told that Versus Press has bit the dust too. So where does this leave ‘Dennis’? Don Waters, ex-honcho of Versus Press, tells us he is in negotiations with a number of independent record labels and should have a new home for the project very soon. We’ve been burned before, so his promises don’t translate into a promise from us, but as soon as there is some official, verifiable news, we’ll pass it on. In the meantime, you can take a peek at the packaging of this eventual release, featuring the art of Neo-Gothic superstar artist Amy Sarkisian, here. Note: the track listing on the cover design is incomplete. It’s an early version of the CD’s contents and is lacking a few key tracks.


    THE SLUTS’ SNEAK ATTACK: As you’ve seen in our fall DC calendar, the release of ‘The Sluts’ paperback has been moved up from next spring to this coming October. You can preorder it from Amazon as well as check out its new homoerotic cover here. For those of you who snapped up a limited edition copy or are contemplating a trip to the Void Books site ( to grab one of the remaining few, you might be interested to know that the paperback edition automatically increases the value of the ltd. ed. version by three to four times. This antiquarian book dealer we know explained it to us, and we thought he was nuts (which he kind of is), but we did a google investigation and damn if it isn’t true. So you hardest of hardcore DC fans can pat yourselves on the backs and start planning your Antiques Roadshow appearances now.


    DC’S CONTEMPORARY ART THINGS: It’s no news that DC is one of the world’s biggest fans of Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices, et. al.). Well, Pollard is also a visual artist whose collages form the cover art of almost every album, EP, and single that GBV has put out since the late 80s. DC is now in the process of organizing the first ever gallery exhibition of Pollard’s collages. The whens and wheres have yet to be decided, but we’ll have definitive news on those fronts next month. …. Artist Sue De Beer’s video installation work ‘Black Sun,’ whose spoken text is adapted from DC’s novel ‘Closer,’ can be seen through June 17th at New York’s Whitney Museum. DC has an essay on the amazing Australian photographer Bill Henson) in the deluxe catalog for his museum retrospective, currently on display through July 10th at The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. ….. Collaboration-crazy DC is in the early stages of a project with New York artist Jarrod Anderson, which he described to as ‘not an illustrated novel, not a novel based on Anderson’s drawings, but something inbetween.’


    THE SHORTIES: To mark the upcoming release of DC’s ‘God Jr.,’ the site will be redesigning our homepage sometime in the next few weeks. Nothing radical, mind you, just something appropriately ‘God Jr.’-like. Also, in the next month or so, we’ll be introducing a special section of info, images, links, and an exclusive new DC interview related to the novel, a la the section we added for ‘The Sluts.’ So watch this space.

    DC’s collaborator, the French theater director Gisele Vienne, has launched her own website. It’s a work in progress, but you can check the performance and tour dates/locales for ‘I Apologize’ and ‘A Young, Beautiful Blonde Girl’ as well as read synopses of the works, see pix, and skim reviews from past performances (in both English and French here (

    If you missed last month’s news, be sure to scroll down and click the links to our three little temporary galleries. They house pix of the young DC, the Little House on the Bowery West Coast tour, and ‘behind the scenes’ goings on at last year’s Lyon, France premiere of ‘I Apologize.’


    THE ‘LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY’ NEWS: Have you ever wondered why LHotB author and punk legend Richard Hell has that last name? Check out the volatile interview with him at Bookslut here. Or pre-order his awesome novel ‘Godllike’ (July) here. Or check out the dates and locales on his upcoming national ‘Godlike’ promo tour here. ….. If you missed hearing Martha Kinney (‘The Fall of Heartless Horse’, Derek McCormack (‘Grab Bag’), and DC on NPR’s Bookworm program, you can listen to it online here. Also head over the great literary website The Modern Word and read writer Justin Taylor’s profile of ‘The Fall of Heartless Horse’ ….. Trinie Dalton (‘Wide Eyed,’ November) has two stories from her forthcoming LHotB book out and about in print this month. Read them and feel the buzz in the current issues of Bomb Magazine and The Santa Monica Review). ….. LHotB’s first and to-date youngest author Travis Jeppesen (‘Victims’) is the editor of Europe’s hottest literary journal The Prague Literary Review. There’s a new issue out, and you can read some of its selections, including a piece of Bruce Benderson’s award winning memoir ‘The Romanian,’ here.



    RIP: Robert Creeley, Guy Davenport


    Emmanuel Carrere THE ADVERSARY: A TRUE STORY OF MONSTROUS DECEPTION (Picador), BEDWETTER MAGAZINE: the ‘come starved’ issue, Bill Knott THE UNSUBSCRIBER: POEMS (Farrar Straus & Giroux)




    Carbou THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS (Domino), Dungen TA DET LUGNT (Subliminal), Weezer MAKE BELIEVE (Interscope),

    The Boredoms ‘gig’ (The Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, May 17th).


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