BREAKING NEWS: FREAK ACCIDENT DISABLES FAMED TRANSGRESSIVE WRITER: A bit tabloidy, we know, but it’s true. Well, true enough. While in Moscow, Russia last month, DC lost a battle with one of the city’s icy sidewalks and broke his wrists. Now safely back in Los Angeles, a pragmatic but frustrated DC tells us he’s unable to write, drive a car (which is fatal in LA), or type more than a few typo-ridden sentences at a time. He asked us to tell those of you who’ve written to him that he’ll be slower than usual in writing back. The good news is that the casts should come off within the next couple of weeks, and the fur will fly again. He did manage to entertain the fans and alternative celebs who attended the LA ‘Sluts’ event at LA’s Skylight Books on February 12th, an overflow crowd that reportedly included actors Christian Bale and Jake Glynenhaal, musicians Flea and Jimmy Tamborello (Postal Service), artists Evan Holloway, Jason Meadows, and Matt Greene, movie director Bryan Singer (X Men), and others.


THE SLUTS’ WATCH: As we go to press, the edition of ‘The Sluts’ is a little more than half sold out, and the remaining copies are going fast. So don’t dawdle, DC fans. As for the big question of whether there’ll be a more affordable paperback edition, we can tell you there is some wheeling and dealing going on, and we might have an announcement on that front soon. But remember, even if there is a paperback, it won’t have Alex Kasavin’s gorgeous design or artist Todd James’ cool illustrations, and it won’t put your kids through college someday, so keep that in mind.

If you’re one of those nervous ninnies who’s paranoid about ordering things online, there are a handful of stores in the US and France where you can buy ‘The Sluts’ the old fashioned way (assuming there are copies left, of course). Find the locales of these stores here.

Most of you missed the big New York launch event for ‘The Sluts’ at the Accompanied Library, but you can read about it and see some pictures here. When the link opens, scroll about two thirds of the way down the page and voila.

If that’s not enough of a peek for you, you can check out a whole shit load of photos of DC and his tipsy fans from ‘The Sluts’ launch event here.

A new, instant message-style interview with DC (conducted by writer Justin Taylor) is online and readable in this month’s edition of


AND THEN THERE’S ‘GOD JR.’: DC’s new (and we mean new) novel is now available for preordering. See the new box on our homepage or check out Can’t wait until July? We can tell you that pre-release galleys of ‘God Jr.’ are out there in the world, and if you keep eagle eyes on sites like and Powells, you might just get lucky and score a copy. For what it’s worth, privileged us here at the website just finished reading ‘God Jr.,’ and not only is it different from anything DC has written before, we think it could easily be his best novel ever. The writing is just killer great, really clear and direct but trippy as hell, and the story is strange and funny and really heartbreaking all at the same time. Believe the hype: this is something really special.


SOON TO BE A MAJOR VIDEO ART INSTALLATION: If you follow contemporary art, you’ve no doubt heard of the young American artist Sue De Beer, one of the superstars of so-called ‘Neo-Gothic Art.’ NG is pretty much the trendiest, most successful thing going on in the art world these days, and DC’s novels are credited as one of the major influences on this movement. Well, from March 3rd through June 17th, New York’s venerable Whitney Museum Whitney Museum will be world premiering Sue De Beer’s new video installation work, ‘Black Sun,’ all of whose dialogue is taken from DC’s novel ‘Closer.’ So, if you’re anywhere near the Big Apple, you might want to check it out.


IRELAND: Word has reached us that an Irish literary conference on DC’s work is in the planning stages for sometime later this year. It will take place in Dublin, and, in addition to the usual academic panels and readings, the organizers are hoping to have concerts by cool bands and cutting edge DJs, plus art exhibitions and lots of other non-boring sounding events. DC will be in attendance, of course. Sounds cool, and we’ll tell you more when we know more.


IN BRIEF: A young critic and novelist named Joseph Suglia has written a very smart, thoughtful essay on DC’s novels ‘Closer, ‘Frisk,’ and ‘Try.’ You can (and should) read it on the generally terrific and spunky website

The Tokyo-based DC fan who alerted us to the Japanese ‘Period’ cult (see last month’s news) tells us his report and some pix will be arriving soon. Hopefully we’ll have those for you in next month’s news.

‘Enter at Your Own Risk: The Dangerous Art of Dennis Cooper,’ the book of essays on DC’s work due this fall from Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, will feature a load of color illustrations from Guide to Trust #2, the much talked about 2002 museum exhibition of artworks based on DC’s novel ‘Guide.’


THE ‘LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY’ CORNER: The newest novel from LHotB author Derek McCormack (‘Grab Bag’) is one of five nominees for Best Novel of 2005 in the Lambda Literary Awards. The novel is ‘The Haunted Hillbilly’ (Soft Skull Press), and if you haven’t read it yet, get real. ….. Living legend Richard Hell whose novel ‘Godlike’ is next up in the LHotB canon will have a career spanning compilation CD of his great, incredibly influential songs released by Warner Brothers records around the same time that ‘Godlike’ hits the stores, meaning summer 2005. ….. Benjamin Weissman’s ‘Headless’ was the top selling fiction book of 2004 at Skylight Books, LA’s biggest, hippest indie bookstore. It beat ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by mile. Weissman is close to completing his first, as-yet-untitled novel. ….. Near future LHotB author Trinie Dalton (‘Wide Eyed,’ November 2005) is also co-editor of ‘Dear New Girl,’ a collection of illustrations and comics based on high school students’ confiscated notes, forthcoming from McSweeneys this fall.



High on Fire BLESSED BLACK WINGS (Relapse), m83 BEFORE THE DAWN HEALS US (Mute), Against Me! REINVENTING AXL ROSE (No Idea), Wire THE SCOTTISH PLAY: 2004 (Pink Flag).

Katsuhiro Otomo STEAMBOY (theaters), John Walter HOW TO DRAW A BUNNY (DVD), BE FREE! BRAND NEW GIGOLO COMES HERE! (Ko Company, video)

Joe Wenderoth LETTERS TO WENDY’S (Verse Press), Boris Vian AUTUMN IN PEKING (Tam Tam), Yasunari Kawabata THE LAKE (Kodansha International).

Vincent Fecteau (greengrassi gallery, London), Amy Sarkisian (Sister Gallery, Los Angeles),



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