TRACKING THE SLUTS INVASION: DC was just in New York for the launch of ‘The Sluts.’ What this means for you is that the edition of the novel is now officially signed by artist Todd James and DC. In other words, it’s alive. You pre-order types will be receiving your copies any day now, if you haven’t already. As for the rest of you, order soon and ye shall receive, at www.void-books.com. ‘The Sluts’ is also getting its fair share of press and blog chatter, with nothing but raves so far. To see what some of the pundits are saying, check out NY Press and Filmmaker Magazine, or pick up the new or imminent issues of LA Weekly, Village Voice, Vice Magazine, and Flaunt.

Those of you who missed DC’s recent reading at The Accompanied Library in Manhattan can see him vocalize ‘The Sluts’ at Skylight Books in Los Angeles (with Wayne Koestenbaum) on February 12th, 7:30 pm. Copies of ‘The Sluts’ will be on sale at this event.

Last but not least, check out our new, informative, sexy Sluts section. Just follow the link at the top of this page.


MEET THE WINNER: The DC Trivia Contest is history, and the four-way tie is finally untied. It was close, really close. But the winner of the special, personally autographed, goodies-packed copy of ‘The Sluts’ is …

Garret Scullin of Los Angeles, California.

Congratulations to Mr. Scullin, and thanks to all the rest of you for participating.

Now here’s a little red-faced apology from us. We had to throw out juicy Question # 2 in our run-off trivia contest because we spaced out and got one of the names wrong. When we wrote ‘Robin Guthrie of Magazine,’ we should have written ‘Robin Simon of Magazine.’ Robin Guthrie is actually a member of Cocteau Twins, and, if you know what he looks like, you could have guessed that DC would never have had sex with him. (No doubt the feeling is mutual.)

Here are the correct answers to last month’s run-off contest questions:

  1. Like we’re going to list every book DC blurbed. Our winner named a whole bunch of them.
  2. We would love to answer this one, but, like we told you, we can’t. But you know how hard it is to keep gossip to yourself, so here’s an obscure hint for those of you who have nothing better to do with your brains. Answer: ‘Urgh!: A Music War’. Bonus answer (obscure hint): DC is not a train tunnel.
  3. Answer: Frisk.
  4. Answer: Radiohead
  5. Like we’re going to tell you what melts our hearts. That’s between us and the winner.

THE ‘PERIOD’ CULT: No book of DC’s has inspired a more rabid, hardcore fan base (or more detractors) than his mysterious, secretive, spooky 2000 novel ‘Period.’ For instance, an email address that DC embedded into the novel received so many emails from fans seeking clues to the book’s hidden meanings that a self-styled ‘Period’ scholar established the address, and it became the portal of an international network of ‘Period’ devotees. Also, ‘Period’ has been the topic of more graduate students’ dissertations than any of DC’s other books by a wide margin.

Now word comes to the website from one of our Japanese spies that the novel has inspired an actual, real life cult based in Tokyo. Consisting of at least several dozen members, the cult holds a weekly nightclub called ‘Bob’s House’ (after the magical house in the novel). Attendees adopt the names and physical appearances of characters in the novel. There’s even a band that performs at the club called The Omen’ (named after the band in the novel), and scenes from ‘Period’ are acted out onstage. Our spy has promised to try to take some photos that we will be posting on the site when and if we get them. If the mere fact of this cult’s existence isn’t trippy enough, factor in that ‘Period’ hasn’t even been published in Japan or translated into in Japanese as far as we know. We ask members of this cult to please write to the website. We would love to interview you about the cult, if you don’t mind.


WHERE IS ‘DENNIS?’: A bunch of you have written to us asking what happened to DC’s multi-media project ‘Dennis’ (formerly known as ‘The Ash Gray Proclamation’). For you newbies, this is a book/CD package featuring a compilation of songs from bands and musicians (Richard Hell, Stephen Malkmus, Robert Pollard, Xiu Xiu, Camper Van Beethoven, and many others) inspired by DC’s books plus a new novella by the man himself. It was supposed to have been in stores last fall. Well, we have some news. ‘Dennis’ was ready -- designed, mastered, etc. -- and on its way out when Substandard Records, who were co-releasing the project with Versus Press, suddenly folded its tent in December. Versus Press is currently setting up a partnership with another independent record label TBA, and a new release date should be announced shortly. Be assured that you’ll be the first to know.


FRANCE: DC is interviewed about the late, great Kathy Acker in the new issue of French culture magazine Chronicart. The occasion is the launch of Acker’s novel ‘Blood and Guts in High School’ (‘Sang et Stupre au Lycee’) by super edgy publisher Desordres, who also released DC’s ‘Wrong’ in France. … The amazing sculptures of ‘Neo-Gothic’ superstar Amy Sarkisian (cover artist of the upcoming ‘Dennis’ project, and a favorite artist of DC’s) can be seen in Paris this month at the gallery Atelier Cardenas Bellanger.


GERMANY: German DC fan Viktor emailed us the following tidbit: "I live in Berlin. Yesterday I noticed The Edge from U2 sitting in a cafe. I said hello and asked him if it was true what I’d heard that U2’s song Numb was named after a chapter in Dennis Cooper’s novel Frisk. The Edge looked surprised and then he laughed and said, ‘Yes, it’s true, but don’t tell Bono.’" …. The previously announced German magazine ‘Closer’ (named after DC’s novel and Joy Division’s album, but not after Mike Nichol’s movie) will premiere this winter. The first issue includes an interview with DC and apparently much more coolness.

ITALY: DC was just interviewed by the great Italian rock musician and writer Emidio Clementi, most famously the mastermind behind legendary Italian underground band Massimo Volume. Where the interview will appear, we don’t know, so watch the big newspapers and magazines. …. ‘Tutt’orecchi’ (aka ‘All Ears) is out now from Playground …. Next up is DC’s new novel ‘God Jr.,’ due out this fall from Fazi Editore. DC will be in Italy doing readings, book signings, and interviews for the launch of ‘God Jr.’. When we know the dates and itinerary, we’ll post them here.


LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY WATCH: The seventh book in DC’s LHotB series will be James Greer’s first novel ‘Artificial Light.’ You might know Greer as one of America’s sharpest rock critics. He’s also a former member of DC’s all-time favorite band Guided by Voices. ‘Artificial Light’ is scheduled to come out sometime in early ‘06. …. Derek McCormack’s ‘Grab Bag’ was named one of 2004’s Notable Books by literary tastemaker, the VLS (http://www.villagevoice.com/vls/) …. The Akashic Books website has added a page for Richard Hell’s forthcoming novel ‘Godlike.’ Peek at the cover and read about it here. …. Martha Kinney (‘The Fall of Headless Horse’) will be reading her work in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 6th in the Rhapsodomancy Series at Good Luck Bar, 1514 Hillhurst Avenue. The reading starts at 7:15 …. Read a meaty, smart essay on Benjamin Weissman’s ‘Headless’ here, and check out a modest but nice mini-site about BW here.


THE QUICKIES: DC pontificates about Jessica Yu’s documentary film ‘In the Realms of the Unreal’ in this month’s issue of Artforum. …. Bookslut.com will feature a long, new interview with DC in their February issue. It debuts on your server beginning February 1st. …. Ultra-groovy literary magazine The Believer has asked DC to interview emo-rock genius Rivers Cuomo of the band Weezer for their upcoming ‘music’ issue, due out this spring.



R.I.P. Agnes Martin, Susan Sontag, Gretchen Bender

Resident Evil 4 (Nintendo Gamecube)

The season premiere of ‘24’ (Fox Channel)

James Benning, ’27 Years Later’ (film)

John Williams at Sister Gallery,

Rubi Neri at China Art Objects gallery,

Samara Caughey at DK Gallery,


‘Jonesy’s Jukebox,’ M-F, noon-2pm, 103.1 FM, Los Angeles

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