ABRACADABRA, A MESSAGE BOARD: You may not have voted for it in huge numbers, but we know a victory when we see one. So you've got your message board, and you can thank a writer and DC fan named Garrison Taylor who alerted us to the existence of his excellent DC discussion group (pop. 172 and growing), which we have decided to make the Official Dennis Cooper Website Message Board. There is now or very soon will be a link to the message board in the usual box on the home page. The message board is hosted by, which means that in order to post, you'll have to register with myspace. (You don't have to register if you just want to read the board.) But registering there is an easy, simple, totally free thing that only takes a few seconds. You don't have to set up an elaborate profile page unless you want to. The only drag is that myspace requires its members to wait seven days after signing up before they can post in the site's groups. So head on over there, sign up, spend a leisurely week reading your future neighbors' messages, then dig in and may the lively discussions begin. For the record, here are the final results of the poll:

1. Yes, I can see myself using it a lot. (37%)

2. Yes, at least occasionally if not more. (35%)

3. Most likely, but I can't promise anything. (7%)

4. Maybe. I don't know. (2%)

5. I'd read it for sure, but I doubt I'll post. (13%)

6. No, it's not particularly interesting to me. (7%)

This month's poll asks a simple, useful question about you. Please take a second to vote and help us out. Gracias. Also, if you haven't checked out DC's blog yet, make sure to follow the link over there without delay. For all his reluctance to fulfill your wishes, he sure has thrown himself into blogging head first. The thing is on fire. Go see for yourselves and post a comment to let him know you're reading and digging it, assuming you will. Oh, you will. Trust us.


GET YOUR RICHARD HELLS BEFORE THEY'RE HOT: Richard Hell's wild, sexy, beautiful novel 'Godlike' (Little House on the Bowery book #5) doesn't hit stores and until mid-July, but you can snare one right now from the Akashic Books website. Up your ultra-coolness factor and buy it here. Not only that, but, in a LHotB first, there is a super-limited edition, signed, lettered hardcover edition of 'Godlike' for sale via the very same link. Also, don't forget Hell's imminent US and UK 'Godlike' promo tour, which could very well be coming to your town. Find out here. Finally, we have confirmed that Sire/Rhino Records' upcoming 'SPURTS: The Richard Hell Story' CD will include the stunning song Hell recorded for the endlessly delayed DC tribute book/CD project 'Dennis.' Titled 'She'll Be Coming (for Dennis Cooper)," the song is a collaboration between Hell and guitarist Ivan Julian of Hell's legendary band the Voidoids.


'GOD JR.' IN THE BIRTH CANAL: While 'God Jr.' works its way down the assembly line at some book manufacturing company, and escapes relatively unscathed from the clutches of the pre-publication 'reviewers' at Publisher's Weekly ('Cooper's genius has always been for dialogue .... searing ironies and delicate nuances that are arresting'), Library Journal ('While this book isn't for everyone, it could grab a cult following'), and Kirkus Reviews ('Probably Cooper's best'), the buzz we're hearing from lucky early readers on the streets and in the ivory towers is that DC has outdone himself with this one. It looks like there's gonna be a ton of press on the novel, and we'll be alerting you to all of it. For instance, The Believer, Dave Eggars' very stylish and influential literary magazine, is marking the occasion by finally running a long, appreciative essay on DC's work that it has been promising to publish for over two years now. Word has it that even the high and mighty New York Times Book Review is planning to bow its swollen head and finally give the man his long deserved due. Believe it: we're at less than two months to go and counting, folks.


BIG NEWS IN LITTLE ITEMS: There's a new and somewhat mixed review of 'The Sluts' over at the Barcelona Review site. Meanwhile, there's another new and very positive 'Sluts' review up at Gmax. As previously reported, the paperback of 'The Sluts' will be yours in October courtesy of publisher Carroll & Graf, and if there are any copies of the limited edition left, you can purchase them here...... DC has written a profile of the young, buzzed about New York artist Adam Helm for the next (fall) issue of Bomb Magazine. ..... The new issue of Paste Magazine has an unusually wacky little interview with DC conducted by writer Michael Graves ..... 'Neo-Gothic' superstar artist Sue De Beer's work is the subject of a new, lushly illustrated book that features all sort of visual and textual goodies including poems and fiction by DC ..... Tickets are now on sale for the July 17-23 Festival d' Avignon performances of DC's collaborative theater works 'I Apologize' an 'A Young, Beautiful Blonde Girl.' Buy them here. The shows will sell out very quickly, so, if you're planning or even hoping to be there, do not hesitate. ..... If you haven't had the stamina to hunt down and buy a copy of DC's autobiographical, exclusive-to-France book 'News Item, Violence, Literature' (POL), the good news is that the entire text of the book will be printed in a forthcoming anthology entitled 'The Seance in Experimental Writing.' The book's contents are culled from an experimental writing conference of the same name held in Los Angeles last spring, and the publisher/date info is forthcoming. ..... Did you know that DC has one of the largest extant collections of zines from the early to mid 1980s? Normally housed in his archives at New York University's Fales Library, a selection of zines from his collection will be on display this November in a big museum show devoted to zine aesthetic at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center. The show also includes a werewolf-themed art exhibition and special zine curated by future LHotB author and zine maker Trinie Dalton ('Wide Eyed,' November). So if you're going to be in that hood, check it out. ..... Lastly, the big DC Festival;/Conference in Cork, Ireland this September is still on track, and we hope to have more details on the performers and events for you next month. Until then, scroll down to last month's news and hit the link to learn more.


LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY NEWS: It's a relatively quiet month at LHotB as DC's imprint works feverishly behind the scenes to prepare for the successive launches of its next two books, 'Godlike' and 'Wide Eyed.' If you're one of those people who like to mark their calendars very early, know that DC will be hosting a 'LHotB' reading at this year's West Hollywood Book Fair on October 2nd. The readers will include this fall's LHotB superstars Richard Hell and Trinie Dalton, as well as 'old timer' Benjamin Weissman ('Headless'). Specific details will be forthcoming. We can report the sad news that Derek McCormack ('Grab Bag') did not win the 2005 Lambda Literary Award for Best Novel as we had hoped and he very much deserved. But, hey, DC has never won a Lambda Literary Award either so fuck them. As for the rest of the LHotB crew, Travis Jeppesen ('Victims') and Martha Kinney ('The Fall of Heartless Horse') are hard at work on their next masterpieces; Benjamin Weissman and Trinie Dalton are doing their things on semi-vacations in Germany; and future LHotB author James Greer ('Artificial Light,' spring 2006) is resting up temporarily in Paris.



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