YOU ASKED FOR IT: THE DENNIS COOPER BLOG!: This month’s poll turned out to be a no brainer. Your choice by a landslide was a blog written by DC, and your wish is our command. A small number of days from now, a new link will appear on the homepage. With a little click, the blog will be yours. You’re happy, we’re happy, but DC is not exactly doing back flips. It seems he was sure … make that counting on the idea you would pick the message board. But, always being up for a formal challenge, he agreed to give it a shot. So there you go. Time to bookmark our site and get ready to make more frequent visits. In the meantime, here are the official poll results:

  1. a blog written by DC 60%
  2. (tied) a message board, more contests with special prizes 11%
  3. the store 9%
  4. all of the above 8%
  5. a guestbook 1%
  6. none of the above 0%

In this month’s poll, we’re asking you to help us decide if we should add a message board or not. It tied for second in the poll, but with far too few votes to guarantee it would be worth the site’s while. Without the blog as a distraction, please tell us if you’d use a message board and how often. Please be honest and only vote once, okay? We need an accurate head count on this issue. Thanks, guys.


THE DENNIS COOPER CONFERENCE: We have more information for you on the upcoming conference/festival devoted to DC’s work in Cork, Ireland. The venue will be the Granary Theater, known internationally for its daring programming of cutting-edge theater, performance, music, film, and literary events. The dates of the conference are September 16th and 17th, and we’ll have more details on the schedule of events as time goes on. Plans are for the conference to be a multi-media affair featuring films, art, music, performances, and readings, as well as academic panels. Of course DC will be there to perform and do all the things expected of an honoree. For now, mark your calendars, book your bed and breakfasts, and get ready for what is sure to be a wild and intellectually stimulating couple of days.


THE GOD JR. WATCH: DC’s eighth novel is in its ‘calm before the storm’ phase, so there’s not a lot to report. We can tell you that, despite what says, ‘God Jr.’ will be published by Grove Press/Black Cat in early August, not early July. We can tell you that the early buzz from those lucky few who have read the novel is super positive. Long reviews are already scheduled for the pages of The Believer, Salon, and the Los Angeles Times Book Review, with many more to follow. We can tell those of you who live in the UK that DC has parted ways with Canongate Press, who published ‘My Loose Thread,’ and ‘God Jr.’ will be released by another UK publisher whose identity is soon-to-be announced. Other than that, and the impending launch our new-look ‘God Jr.’ tie-in homepage, we’ll have more news for you next month.


THE SLUTS’ WATCH: As the limited edition version of ‘The Sluts’ fades slowly into history and the new, mass market ‘Sluts’ looms ever closer on the horizon, we alert you to two new, lengthy, very perceptive blog reviews of DC’s seventh and arguably wildest novel. The first review, courtesy of, can be found here and the second, from the curiously named, can be found here. Also, The New York Times will be running a feature article on Void Books in the immediate future. Penned by provocative journalist du jour Jeff Koyen, the article will feature plenty of behind-the-scenes dope on ‘The Sluts’, so keep your eyes peeled. Finally, you can still grab one of the last remaining copies of the limited edition, signed and numbered ‘Sluts’ if you hurry (


A YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL BLONDE GIRL’: Those of you who are lucky enough to attend the world premiere this coming July in Avignon, France of DC’s latest theatrical collaboration with director Gisele Vienne, composer Pita, and legendary French author Catherine Robbe-Grillet will have the chance to purchase a limited edition vinyl only EP featuring two sonic excerpts from the play. A co-production of Mego Records and DC’s French publisher POL, the EP will have a single pressing of 300 copies. If copies remain after the run of performances, they will be available for purchase from the Mego and POL websites. Also, in February 2006, ‘A Young, Beautiful Blond Girl’ will have its Paris premiere in a series of performances at the famed museum Centre Pompidou with DC in attendance. For now, the Festival d’Avignon performances of ‘AYBBG’ and ‘I Apologize’ run from July 17-21, and they are guaranteed to sell out. So you French folk and world travelers should buy your tickets here. For updates and info on other upcoming ‘IA’ and ‘AYBBG’ performances, visit Vienne’s website.


THE SHORTISH STUFF: Have you read the work of the great ‘New Narrative’ novelist/poet/playwright Kevin Killian? If you haven’t, it isn’t a huge surprise since most of his books are currently out of print. Killian’s one of the ultra-few American writers whom DC considers a true genius. Well, DC happily reports to us that he’s been signed up to edit a Kevin Killian Reader (a la ‘Essential Acker’, the ‘best of’ collection of Kathy Acker’s work that he co-edited a couple of years ago) for the publishing house Carroll & Graf. The book will include a hefty selection of Killian’s greatest fiction, from his classic 1989 novel ‘Shy’ to some new, unpublished stories. There’s no title or release date as of yet.

DC has referenced a number of actors and rock stars in his novels, but none of them epitomizes the prototypical young DC character more perfectly than the American actor Vincent Kartheiser. In fact, those of you who’ve delved into the labyrinthine depths of ‘Period’ know that Kartheiser is the closest the novel comes to describing its multitude of George Miles clone characters. In one of those life imitating fiction situations, Kartheiser is currently acting in a play in New York called ‘Slag Heap’, where he portrays a young, drugged out male prostitute who could easily have appeared in a DC novel. So you New Yorkers who either want to have a 3D Cooper-esque experience or get a look at one of DC’s favorite muses should check it out. You curious non-New Yorkers can study Kartheiser in all his glory by renting Larry Clark’s film ‘Another Day in Paradise’ or the seasons 3 or 4 DVDs of Joss Whedon’s late, great TV series 'Angel'.

DC tells us that his first feature length book of all new poems since 1981’s ‘Tenderness of the Wolves’ is nearing completion. It has an official title, ‘The Weaklings,’ and features a batch of short poems as well as four long sequential poems. They include the much talked about ‘Elliott Smith at 14’ and ‘A Symphony of Confusion About the People I Killed,’ the latter written in the voice of high school shooter Kip Kinkel. It’s too early to announce a publisher or release date, but we can tell you that plans are still afoot for a very limited edition, illustrated, high production value chapbook of DC poems from Void Books, which is likely to see the light of day first.


THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY NEWS: Richard Hell’s knockout punch of a novel ‘Godlike’ is very nearly yours. Copies should hit stores in late June. Then there’s ‘Spurts: The Richard Hell Story,’ Sire/Rhino Records’ CD compilation of his all-time greatest songs, due in early August. Hell will be touring in the United States and Europe to promote ‘Godlike,’ and all the Hellish details and info can be found here. ….. On June 2nd, Derek McCormack (‘Grab Bag’) will be competing in the Lambda Literary Awards, which, if you don’t know, is sort of the Grammys of the gay book world. McCormack’s ‘The Haunted Hillbilly’ (Soft Skull) is nominated for Best Novel. If you’re in New York, you can attend the ceremony and root him on in person. Go get ‘em, Derek! ….. We told you future LHotB author James Greer (‘Artificial Light,’ early 2006) has also penned the official history/biography of DC’s all-time favorite band Guided by Voices. ‘Guided by Voices: A Brief History: Twenty-One Years of Hunting Accidents in the Forest of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ will be published this October by Grove Press. It will feature an introduction by film director Steven Soderbergh and a short essay by DC on GBV’s lyrics, and it can be preordered here. ….. The new issue of the Prague Literary Review Prague Literary Review, co-edited by the mighty LHotB author Travis Jeppesen (‘Victims’), hits the web and newsstands in late May ….. You already know this fall’s LHotB ‘It’ girl is literary buzz magnet Trinie Dalton (Wide Eyed, November). While you wait for her book, check out the new ‘Wide Eyed’ page at the Akashic site then mosey over and order ‘Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is,’ her gorgeous and imminent (July) book of high school students’ confiscated notes and comics from the grooviest of the groovy publishers, McSweeney’s Books.




William Vollman’s EUROPE CENTRAL; Rudy Wurlitzer’s NOG; the oeuvre of Kevin Killian.


Fiery Furnaces; Architecture in Helsinki; Sunn))); The Moping Swans; Dwight Twilley.


24; Lost; Dodgers games; The Science Channel; Project Greenlight; horrible made-for-TV horror movies on the Sci-Fi Channel.


Jack Goldstein (Metro Pictures, NYC); Frances Stark (GRG Gallery, NYC), John Williams (Sister, LA), ‘Visual Music’ (Museum of Contemporary Art, LA), Andrew Hahn (Berlanger, Paris).


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