'GOD JR.' IS BORN: Well, in the United States at least. The flood of reviews has begun, and if you’'re curious to read what the pundits have been saying, here’'s a select checklist of some publications and websites we know about that have expressed their early opinions. For up-to-the-minute reviews and articles, do the requisite google search.


WORLDWIDE DC RELEASE DATES: Here's an updated list of forthcoming DC books around the world. For exact dates, publishers, and more info, check your local listings.

Italy: God Jr. (November)
France: The Sluts (February), God Jr. (fall, 2006)
Denmark: My Loose Thread (early 2006)
Spain: Guide (early 2006), My Loose Thread (late 2006)
Sweden: Frisk (early 2006)
Portugal: The Sluts (fall, 2006)
China: Closer (summer, 2006)


THE SLUTS SHAPESHIFT AGAIN: If you think you’ve seen the cover of the upcoming paperback edition of ‘The Sluts,’ think again. It seems that the moody, erotic cover photograph of a flexed male ass being grabbed by some unseen dude that seen on, in advertisements, and even on this website was mistakenly used without getting the permission of its photographer, one Mr. Brian Riley. Mr. Riley is none too happy about it. When he discovered that his image was adorning a book by DC, who is not exactly his favorite author, he threatened publisher Carroll & Graf with a lawsuit, and no amount of money could persuade him to have his precious art associated with DC’s. So when ‘The Sluts’ hits stores this October, its cover will sport a new, less in-your-face homoerotic, more … well, see it for yourself and decide here.


‘DENNIS’ LIVES!: Regular readers of the news know all about the long promised, endlessly delayed, on again, off again, dead, alive, star-crossed CD/book project ‘Dennis.’ For you newbies, ‘Dennis’ includes a new novella by DC and a CD compilation of songs inspired by DC’s work by an array of contemporary music superstars (Xiu Xiu, Robert Pollard, Richard Hell, et. al), all wrapped up in a special package featuring artwork by Neo-Gothic superstar Amy Sarkisian. We’d pretty much given ‘Dennis’ up for dead, but word has arrived that it will finally be released some time in early 2006. Versus Press, which originated and organized the project, has resurrected itself from the dead just long enough to release the project in association with the independent publishing house AK Press. "Dennis’ will be sold exclusively online, and we’ll have more details on when and where you’ll be able to purchase it for you soon.


HINTS FROM ‘THE WEAKLINGS’: We have some news on DC’s upcoming collection of poems from Void Books ( The publication date remains vague – sometime in 2006 – as does the exact number of copies in its limited edition. But we’ve learned that in addition to many new poems, DC has resurrected and remade/remodeled some early poems that didn’t make the cut when he put together ‘The Dream Police,’ his1994 volume of selected poems. The old/new poems in the collection include three from his 1979 book ‘Idols’ – ‘Two Whores’ (now titled ‘Pair’), ‘Trade,’ and ‘Ad’ (now titled ‘A.D.’) -- and two sections of the long poem ‘Cancer’ from his super early chapbook ‘Tiger Beat,’ which are now a stand alone poem entitled ‘Wishmaster’ and an untitled section of the title poem ‘The Weaklings.’ We also have the tentative table of contents. It goes like this:

Elliott Smith at 14
The Faint
November 17, 1987
Silverchair, Diorama
I Might
Whore Suite
   The Body
Signed D.C.
The Green Album
November 17, 1997
Tweet, Tweet
   True or False
   Best of the porn stars
   Captions from the cannibal’s photo album
   The jpegs
The Weaklings (for Jonathan Brandis)
A Symphony of Confusion About the People I Killed


‘I APOLOGIZE’ AND ‘A YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL BLONDE GIRL’ HIT THE ROAD: Hot on the heels of their scandalous, sold out, critically acclaimed performances at the Festival d’ Avignon last month, DC’s two theater collaborations with director Gisele Vienne and composer Peter Rehberg are on tour in Europe through early in 2006. For those of you in the general vicinity, mark your calendars. Check in with Gisele Vienne’s official website ( for further details.

September 8, 2005
‘I Apologize’
‘Festival Off Limits,’ Theater im Depot
Dortmund, Germany

October 5, 2005
‘A Young, Beautiful Blonde Girl’
Act Oral/Espace Montevideo
Marseilles, France
* DC will also be reading from ‘I Apologize.’

October 23, 24, 2005
‘A Young, Beautiful Blonde Girl’
Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival
Modena, Italy

December (date and theater tba)
‘A Young, Beautiful Blonde Girl’
Brugge, Belgium

February 2 – 12, 2006
‘I Apologize’ and ‘A Young, Beautiful Blonde Girl’
Theatre de la Bastille
Paris, France

February (dates and theaters tba)
‘I Apologize’ and ‘A Young, Beautiful Blonde Girl’
Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain


LITTLE HOUSE ON THE BOWERY CORNER: Richard Hell, whose LHotB title ‘Godlike’ is currently out there wowing critics and punters alike, is on the road through October reading from and signing his book virtually all over the USA. His official website has all the details. Also, don’t forget to pick up ‘Spurts: The Richard Hell Story,’ Rhino/Sire’s new CD collection of the best of Hell’s thirty years of recorded music. It includes ‘She’ll Be Coming for Dennis Cooper,’ the song Hell recorded for the aforementioned ‘Dennis’ project. ….. Trinie Dalton’s ‘Wide Eyed,’ due out in late September, is already the topic of buzz and heated rhetoric on discussion groups all across the web. She’ll soon be hitting the road for readings/signings on the East and West Coasts, and the details are here. ….. James Greer, whose first novel ‘Artificial Light’ is the LHotB title for early 2006, is a busy fellow these days. ‘Guided by Voices: A Brief History: Twenty-One Years of Hunting Accidents in the Forests of Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ his biography of DC’s all time favorite band, is due out from Grove Press this November. Plus, he’s writing the screenplay for "Cleopatra,’ movie director Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming rock musical based on the life of the legendary Egyptian queen. ….. Don’t forget to preorder your copies of Derek McCormack’s (‘Grab Bag’) upcoming nonfiction book ‘Christmas Days’ about the history of Xmas decorations and memorabilia. See last month’s news for the ways and means to snag this ultimate stocking stuffer. ….. As for the rest of the LHotB crew, Benjamin Weissman (‘Headless’) reports he is hard at work on his first, as-yet-untitled novel. Martha Kinney (‘The Fall of Heartless Horse’) is polishing off a book of poems. And that expatriate devil Travis Jeppesen (‘Victims’) has just finished his second novel ‘Neomania.’

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